Why It Is Better to Study English Abroad

Whether you have never learn English before, or are already an advanced learner, studying abroad can be better than staying in your home country for the same purpose. That’s because traveling to one of the English-speaking countries provides plenty of opportunities to practice your skills in a real life environment, not only with native speakers, but also with people from all around the world. An idea to come to the UK to learn English is quite exciting, that is, if you like to travel.


English is a global language and will enable you to better understand the world and its varied cultures. This can give you an advantage in your future travels around the globe, and you will be better suited to interact with foreign visitors in your home country. In fact, studying abroad can increase your chances of working in a global industry or in a multinational company due to your global understanding of the world, coupled with your mastery of a universal language.

Any of the English language schools in England, Ireland, Australia, USA, or Canada will provide an authentic learning process, but you will get to immerse yourself in the language everywhere you go, at school, at the café or supermarket, with friends and classmates, which means you will also get to learn the language much faster.

Acquiring sound English language skills abroad can help you further your studies as an international student and will look great on your CV. Moreover, you will have proved to yourself and everyone else that you can be independent and responsible for yourself, and these are invaluable life skills. Irrespective whether you decide to stay or to go back, you will have an advantage both in your home country and in the country where you got to learn English.

Look at it as an opportunity to invest in your future as you broaden your horizons and make new friends; these can be people speaking your language, as well as English natives when you feel more confident in your skills. So, make an international network of friends to explore the city and study together, and make memories to treasure forever. Seeing first-hand how a different culture lives and thinks can be a truly life changing experience.

Finally, if you are only spending a short amount of time in another country, you probably won’t even need a student visa. A good program to consider is IDP Thailand Study Abroad in English destinations.


Nonetheless, there are also disadvantages to traveling abroad to study English. It can be too expensive, even if you manage to get a scholarship or a study grant, and you may find it too difficult at first, especially if you are just beginning to learn the language. Depending on where you come from originally, you may experience a bit of a culture shock; while overwhelming initially, especially if you’ve never traveled on your own before, this can also be a good thing as you make new friends. Learning the language in a different country requires a lot of hard work, so be sure you are ready to make the commitment.