Healthy study snacks

Which are healthy study snacks?

Which are considered the best and most healthy study snacks to eat while you are studying?

Studying is an exhausting process. You brain is actively consuming energy. When you study for a longer period then it is a good idea to eat good and healthy study snacks which will refill your energy. You should consume low calorie snacks. Which are such snacks? There are many, but not all of them are healthy. Read on for more information on healthy snacks.

Healthy study snacks
Type of food Good or not?
Fruits Healthy
Nuts Healthy
Cheese Healthy
Energy bars Healthy
Smoothies Healthy
Caffeine Healthy
Chocolate Not healthy
Dark chocolate Healthy
Energy drinks Not healthy
Cottage cheese with cinnamon Healthy
Chips Not healthy

Good and healthy studying snacks (click on item for more information):

  • Fruits and nuts
  • Cheese
  • Smoothies and energy bars
  • Dark chocolate
  • Caffeine
  • Energy drinks
  • Fruits and nuts

    Instead of going to the sandwich shop, go to supermarket and buy yourself some cranberries, apples, raisins, apricots and figs. Also a very good picks are the nuts, almonds, unsalted peanuts, pine nuts or sunflower seeds. Do not eat too much of this fruits and nuts though because they contain a lot of fat (the nuts, not the fruits). A good dose is about 50 grams of nuts. For fruits, there is not limit – you can eat as much fruit as you want. Enjoy fresh fruit – choose seasonal fruits in summer, in winter choose citrus fruits and persimmons. Also read out article on good food for brain. We have another great article on what is the best food to eat when studying? Take a look.


    Do not be afraid to reach for the cheese, which you can eat along with crackers or other salty snacks. Such a snack will satisfy the appetite, but do not consume too much of salty snacks and crackers. Also, cheese has a lot of fat, so try to buy a low-fat cheese.

    Smoothies and energy bars

    When you take a break from studying the food you consume should also be refreshing. This is where smoothies kicks in. Refreshing fruit drinks or smoothies are the perfect choice. You can choose from different fruits and vegetable flavours and you can prepare smoothies yourself – if you have a mixer. You can also eat energy bars which can be found in almost every store – the best are those that are based on fruits and nuts. Be careful and choose energy bars that are of organic origin.

    Caffeine / coffee

    Liter of coffee per day will not take any worries away. Don’t drink too much of coffee. You should rather drink green teas – two to three cups of green tea per day can lower your high blood pressure. For those of you looking for a substitute to coffee you can drink black tea. Black tea has a lot of caffeine and can easily replace coffee. White tea also has caffeine and provides you with a number of antiviral and antibacterial agents.

    Dark chocolate

    Pick dark chocolate with a high percent of cocoa! At least 70%. It might be of a more bitter taste, but it is way healthier than regular chocolate. Dark chocolate lowers the level of stress hormone and reduces symptoms of anxiety. It will also lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. So, dark chocolate is your best friend when studying.

    Energy drinks

    Not good. Redbull? Well, yes, it can fill you up with power you need but don’t get addicted to it. Your study will most likely last for few years so don’t rely on this energy drink or you will end up addicted to it. Yes, it is true. Red bull (and other energy drinks too) have a really high dose of sugar. In fact it is so high, that is almost dangerous. Drink redbull only a day before exam if you plan to study during the night.

    Personal best snack for studying

    My personal studying snack is cottage cheese with cinnamon. You can also put pieces of apples in the mix. It is healthy, will provide you with energy and it is really quickly prepared. You should try it!

    What is your best study snack? You can comment bellow.

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