Exam stress

How to deal with stress when it comes to studying? Can exam stress be avoided?

Exam stress is a serious problem…

…but exam stress can be eliminated. Read how.

We live under constant stress, it is almost inevitable. Our body is constantly adapting to it. If we know what is stressing us then we are able to deal with the stress. It basically means adapting to stress changes.

How to recognize stress?

To a student stress can be a challenge or overload. The boundary between one and the other is a matter of each individual in a given time. The first step to an identification of stress is to have good knowledge of yourself, meaning you must really know yourself well. Signs of stress are shown in the physical and psychological level.
A typical physical signs of stress are:

  • fatigue,
  • headaches,
  • sleep disturbances,
  • absentmindedness,
  • irritability,
  • indigestion,
  • eating too much or too little food,
  • heart palpitations, etc..
  • Signs of stress on the psychic level are:

  • personal distress,
  • bad concentration,
  • feeling powerless,
  • apathy,
  • isolation and reduced self-esteem.
  • Stress usually occurs with more than one symptom at a time.

    How to cope with stress and get rid of it?

    Life without stress is not possible, because being alive means that we are always forced to adapt to the environment and society we live in. It is more important that before we start thinking about how to get rid of stress, that we think about how you can prevent it in the first place. For preventing stress a constant personal development is essential, because in this way we develop the appropriate skills, which we need to avoid a stressful situation in the future. In stressful situations, be proactive, seek solutions and don’t try to analyze problems too much, but rather think of stress as a challenge. To some degree stress can be an encouraging, because it forces us to act and try to solve problems. This can in fact work very positively – if we are able to deal with stress, this feeling will make us happy. It is always good to talk to a friend about your stress though. Can’t hurt.

    Exam stress

    Exam stress is a stress that every student is familiar with. You need to pass this exam, you need to pass that exam,… Very stressful. If you are to write an exam about a particular topic that you are unfamiliar with, that can also be very stressful. But think of it this way – everyone was in the same situation as you are. And no one died of it. (or, to be honest, a very very few, that committed suicide, but HEY, You’re not that kind of person!)

    How to deal / cope with exam stress?

    An attitude towards exams is essential, since exams are an integral part of the study process. Therefore, an exam should not be an obstacle to you, but a sort of a milestone on your path to achieve your personal goal(s). And one of the most important personal goals in your life should be finishing the faculty. The attitude towards the exam should be positive. Don’t look at an exam as an obstacle, but as a challenge. Prepare yourself well for the examination, don’t say to yourself:”oh, I have enough time, I can study this tomorrow…”. Don’t ever do this. Take every exam seriously, only this way you will be able to avoid the stress prior to exam. If you know the topic well, if you have studied well, than there is no need to be worried about anything right? Ofcourse there can be some exams that are extra difficult to pass and the time is short, but in such cases you must foresee such a situation and on the other hand be certain than no exam is too hard for you.

    If the exams on your faculty would be too hard than no one would pass them, right? Sure, some people have better studying skills and maybe a little higher IQ, but this are just details. This is just an excuse. Don’t look for excuses, but work hard. You can do it. For fighting a stress prior to exams it is wise to start doing some kind of sports. When I had exams on faculty I was nervous too. But then I started jogging every day (or at least few times per week) and when I went out to jog I always had enough time for myself and I did a lot of thinking that cleared my head. When I got back from jog I was not nervous anymore. Try it. Don’t ever try to go out and drink, if you are too nervous. You will end up as an alcoholic. Don’t start smoking either, you will end up a smoker. Bad habits indeed.

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