Brain exercise

Brain exercising

Do some brain exercise regularly to improve brain function and improve your own concentration. Don’t forget things anymore.

Do you have problems with concentration sometimes? Has it already happened to you that you wanted to explain something to somebody and suddenly you forgot what you were talking about? And the more you try to remember, the harder it gets.

You can do something about this issue. Its called the brain exercises. We can do some good exercises for our memory and to improve our lack of concentration.

Which are good brain exercises?

Our brain is able to learn and be trained ’till a very late age. Even though you may not have yet encounter a “hole” in your mind (as described above – forgetting what you were talking about), it is still recommended that you regularly train your brain and memory to keep it in good shape. Also, eating good brain food will help!.
More info on stimulation – take a look at our article on listening to music while studying: Can music help you study?.
The simplest way or exercise to improve your brain (gray cells) is the memory game. It is a simple game of remembering different cards and their position on the desk. You must much 2 same cards by turning them around one by one. Cards are face-down on the table. The game is very good for concentration, memory and strategic memory.

Memory exercise

For training your memory changes are very important, meaning that if you do some routine tasks every day your memory performance will decrease, because everything you do is a never changing pattern. Logical thinking and creativity can be enhanced too – for example, the game of chess or reading a difficult book (which increases your vocabulary) will do your memory and brain good. Furthermore even very complex patterns for sewing and handicrafts are stimulating brain cells similar to the fast computation “from the heart” – meaning fast calculation without a calculator and only using your brain.

In general, getting new hobbies, having interesting conversations with interesting people and spending your free time on most interesting ways can help your brain to stay sharp and not becoming rigid and passive. Gray cells will be grateful if you train your brain. As we age our brain cells are transformed into a new network of memory, especially when we are faced with new content everyday. This is good.

It is natural that brain performance is decreased with age, but still, with good training, we can have a sharp brain, nevertheless the age.

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