Statistics Software for Both Students and Researchers

MaxStat software is a great statistical tool for analyzing biology, sales and other types of data. Fast and accurate, users have found this software affordable and successful at replacing both the too-simple Excel and the expensive software typically used by statisticians.

MaxStat is easy to install and use, even if you are not a statistician, as it is highly intuitive. Just open the single dialog box and you will get your statistics in 3 simple steps; the software will guide you step by step through selecting the statistical test (out of the 100+ it supports), variables, and parameters.

Then, using the most common procedures, like descriptive, hypothesis, time series, linear and nonlinear regression, correlation, and multivariate analysis, you can easily interpret the results and create 30 different, high-quality graphs, such as bar, box-whisker, scatter and biplots, regression lines, etc.

Free and premium versions

There is a free and a pro version. The free software is called MaxStat Lite, and is suitable for students and junior researchers, that is, for non-commercial purposes; Lite works great for medium complexity projects, and it never expires, which is neat.

On the other hand, the Pro version requires a fee that varies with the person using the software; thus, people requiring infrequent statistical analysis, such as for their theses, can download the Pro version that is valid for 12 months; students will pay 39 €, while researchers 79 €.

There is yet another Pro version that never expires and that is meant for established scientists in need of frequent statistical analysis; this one costs 129 €.

MaxStat Pro features a word-processor for taking down notes for your reviewed data, and is more powerful at analyzing large data sets, while retaining its simplicity. Moreover, the graphs it produces comply with the current standards for publication in scientific journals.

You can download, try and / or purchase MaxStat software on this link.