Studying math on-line

Do you think that most of what you have learnt at math in school is useless? That might be the case for some, but for majority of people math is something they need ever day.

Maths is hard

The problem is that math requires a lot of studying and many of us were pretty lazy in primary school when everything else was more interesting than the math itself. The fact is also that not everyone likes math. I know I didn’t!

For some, math is a very difficult subject. These students need help with studying. Of course, studying mathematics is somewhat different than studying for other subjects. You cannot learn mathematics by heart – only mathematics rules can and must be learnt by heart. You need to utilize your logic in order to understand math problem and find a solution for it. Some people need more exercise to achieve this, some less.

Interactive learning vs classic learning

Classic learning by doing exercises and studying from books has always been and still is very effective. It is somehow boring though.

With the development of Internet and interactive learning, studying maths can now be more exciting and better yet – more effective. At they have developed a tool that does just that – makes studying math more interesting.

They offer over 150 free math lessons, interactive quizzes where you can challenge yourself and your skills as well as test preps for SAT, SHSAT and TACHS.

The best thing with this service is that you are able to track your progress over time and find out where your excel and what are your weak spots on which your should work on. A free trial offer is available for you to test out this tool and then sign up for premium membership if you are satisfied with the service. I suggest you pay a visit to the site and try it out yourself.

What are the characteristics of the best reading apps for children?

Classic method of learning through books and notes will always be effective, no doubt about that. It has been like that for centuries.

But with the invention and widespread of Internet things have changed. Interactive learning has become and integral part of education nowadays.

How can modern technology improve learning process?

Computers, smart phones and tables improve learning process by automating unnecessary routine tasks, help us organize better, allow us to access the information much faster and store large amounts of data.

One of the main advantages is also the ability to customize learning process according to our needs.

Apps to speed up learning process

Smartphones users nowadays simply cannot imagine the world without an app for almost everything. Education apps are very popular, too.

There are apps to help you do proper push-ups, apps to teach you how to tie a tie and there are also apps to teach you how to pick up girls. Besides being fun such apps can really teach you stuff. You basically learn trough play.

Professional apps

There are fun apps and there are professional apps. Maxschoolar’s mobile application named MaxPhonics for learning and improving reading level for children is an example of a user friendly and engaging application that offers plenty of interaction opportunites.

In my opinion this is the best reading software that you can download from Google Play or Appstore.

The app includes:
- 4 different modules with over 15 chapters and a variety of practice drills
- Easy download and user interface
- Over 500 hours of learning with the full version ($0.99 per chapter)
- More than 10 comprehensive exercises on the different modules for FREE!

Students that have used Maxschoolar’s reading and phonics programs have improved their reading level by up to 2 levels in 90 days, which is a very good result. I suggest you search for application on Google Play or AppStore (search for application named MaxPhonics) and install it yourself.

They offer a free trial to test out the app. After that you can buy or simply un-install it.

How to find a legitimate dissertation writing service

You can never be a hundred percent sure that websites offering academic writing are legitimate, you can only guess. But there are a few ways to check out potential candidates and increase your chances of buying a dissertation you need from online writing services.

It’s always a gamble but you can search for more than one proof before placing your order and making a payment. Below are a few things you should definitely keep an eye out, when comparing different companies offering dissertation writing.

Business history
This is probably the first thing you should be checking out; because anyone can say (or write on their website) they are on business for more than 10 years.

writing an essay

Those providing email as only means of communication and those who do not have the street address which you can check should probably be avoided. The company that is working for a longer period of time should definitely have a phone number you can call, if from no other reason but to provide customer support for their clients.

Past experience
Previous experience is another important factor when choosing a company to do your dissertation writing. Anyone can write great dissipation paper but the point is to have great one written in your field of expertise.

You should always look for proofs such as samples of their previous work and also search for testimonials that can be verified. There is no point in hiring the company to write a dissertation for you if they can’t deliver highest quality in your field of work.

What type of guarantee is provided
Similar as with business history, having the 100% satisfaction guarantee written on the website may not include some options you could find useful. You should always look for additional revisions or changes to the text once it has been delivered – even if you’re not planning to make them (this seems very unlikely but is possible).

There is also a question of being able to communicate directly with the writer working on your dissertation. The company should also be able to provide a native English speaker should you require one. One thing more to check out is the whole website – if you find any mistakes (grammatical for example), do you think you’ll find some in your dissertation?

Ratings of the company

There is no website that specializes in rating or reviewing those types of services, but if the writing company has been in the business for a few years, there is a great chance that you can find an independent review or comments of their past work. You should also check forums or social networks for any positives or negatives said about the company. If there are more than a few negative notes, you should immediately skip that company and moved to the next one.

There are many websites offering this type of service and it’s really hard to evaluate and separate legitimate from those that are not. Please take a look at and check out all the points from above – this is an example of what to look for in a legitimate writing service website.

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Roy Bow is an experienced writer working with a team of professionals from different fields of expertise, specialized in academic and dissertation writing. He can be found and contacted directly at

Looking for a career in translation?

When is translation used?

When we want a word or text that is written in one language to be translated into another language we translate it. The word translation derives from the Latin word “traducere”, which means “to lead across”.

Oral and written translation

Basically, there are two types of translation – oral translation, also known as interpreting (translating words as you hear them – “on the fly”) and written translation (translating words and writing them down on a piece of paper or electronic document).

The difference between the two is that oral translation must be performed instantly whereas written translation is a slower process and is usually more accurate.

Translating can be lot of fun but is also a very difficult task. You can translate several things; books, movies (making subtitles for example), poetry, a diploma, various documents and so on. A career in translation is definitely a prospective one.

Translating sentences versus translating words

Translating of words that are in no context can be difficult. Translating whole sentences is always an easier task. General translations are the simplest – for example translation of the word “car” in English to a word “auto” in German. This translation is the simplest and does not require any special knowledge.

Professional translation of various professional fields such as law, medicine, economics, etc. is much more complicated. One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to translation is definitely translation of poetry and literature (books, poetry, etc.).

A person who professionally translates is called a translator or interpreter. In early 20th century there were first cases of people getting employed as translators although translators existed way before.

If you need professional translation then I suggest you visit Profischnell, which is a translation and interpreting agency in Germany. They do all kinds of translations – even certified and technical translations. If you need to translate your diploma from German to English I suggest you use their services.

How Can You Get Excellent Professional Academic Essay Writing Services

Today, students around the world intend to get the highest quality academic writing in various subjects. They often do not have the time to write essays on their own. Thus, they can avail the professional essay writing services online for achieving success in their careers.

These services provide well-researched articles on various topics. The students can gather more knowledge by availing these services. Are you a student and interested in availing the best essay writing services? Then, you can select the best online service provider for this work.

Why to avail this service

Sometimes, you may be confused whether or not to avail the academic writing services. However, these services can always be highly beneficial for you to gain excellent knowledge as well as improve writing skills. You can learn the writing process to explain the subject area in the best manner. Following are a few reasons why the service is beneficial:
• You can learn a lot about writing papers
• You can master in all types of writing approaches
• Expert advice on research field is always available from the service providers

How the professional writers can help you

You can get the top quality research papers from the service providers. It will save a lot of time and energy. You can also learn the following things from them:
• Presenting the latest styles in writing
• Getting latest updates on writing techniques
• The offered contents help the students to write essays
• The provided information on the writing is 100% accurate
• All the sentences in the papers are accurately formed
• All the topics are fully covered with excellent composition

What are the offered services

The professional academic writing providers offer these services for term papers, case studies, research papers, speeches, book reports, theses, dissertations, articles and bibliographies. These services are carried out by highly qualified and experienced authors. In order to get these valuable services you can transfer the required number of pages, words, kind of paper, scheduled time and other references.


The paper will always be composed according to your parameters and requirements. The services satisfy the students pursuing degree courses in any stream or subject. Each type of paper writing is distinctively designed for a particular subject or topic. Expert writers in various writing fields are hired for these purposes.

How to avail the services

The professional academic paper writing services are always available online on the official web site of the provider organization. On that site you can place your writing orders along with the required parameters. The service charges are also affordable.
In some cases, you can also pay additional charges and select the author of your own choice. It is always advisable for you to choose the author or journalist with high certifications. You can e-mail him/her regarding your paper writing requirements.
There are certain reliable and experienced online essay writing service providers. Many customers recommend websites like for quality and genuine writing works.

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