Ease your stay while studying in South Africa

Studying abroad is (and will always be) a challenge. It has been a challenge for me as well when I went studying abroad in 2009 via Erasmus program (an official European study exchange program). My destination was Germany, Berlin. At first, it was difficult to settle down because I did not know anyone and I had no social life. But as the time goes by you meet new people and start to enjoy your new environment.

In my opinion, everyone that has the opportunity should go study abroad as it is an invaluable experience.

Studying abroad really broadens your horizons. You meet new people, learn about new cultures, pick up another foreign language – all from first hand. There is no better way to do all these things that to go abroad.

Possibilities are almost unlimited. You can go study abroad in Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, even Australia. If I was to go study abroad again I would pick South Africa. It would be a brand new country and continent for me and a brand new culture as well.

I know what you are thinking now. Studying abroad is expensive (especially if you decide to go to a country that has a higher standard than your home country) and not everyone can afford it. This is true. But you can plan your experience ahead. Start saving money a year before. Get a part time job and try to save some money. You can also apply for a grant if you have the option.

If you decide to go to South Africa this websites can help you find a job while abroad. This can be a weekend job or a part time job. This way you can earn decent money and enjoy your stay even more. If finding a proper accommodation worries you, there is a solution to this as well. Try this website to find an accommodation while you are planning your trip.

Study exchange is a great way to obtain distinctive experience. Later on in life when you will be looking for a job, an experience like that can boost your chances of getting a good job by a great margin. People that dare to travel and go abroad are considered more enthusiastic and proactive, and this is only a plus!

Again, if you have the chance, go for study exchange. You will never regret it! I give you my word.

Staying in shape when in college

Stay in shape when you study

Studying is exhausting process. If you study (or have been studying) than you know what I mean. When you study you don’t have so much time to do sports. But that is not ok. You should take some time and go out and exercise. Also, make sure to eat healthy food and don’t consume large breakfasts but instead eat less, but more frequently. 5-6 times per day is optimum.

Why is exercising good?

Well, it’s good because you will stay in shape. Being overweight is not healthy. Also, if you study a lot you should also exercise a lot. Many people think that running will make you feel exhausted. Wrong! If you do sports you actually get filled with energy! At least that’s how it is in my case but I’m sure many will agree with me. Take a look at this weight loss tips.

How you should get in shape

Start easy. No need to rush. Any physical activity is good, even though that means walking at slow pace. Take short walks instead of running. Buy yourself a bike and ride it to your faculty. Don’t take the bus, or metro but instead walk or ride to your faculty. This is a great start.

After some time, start running a bit. First, try to run 1 kilometre, then try to run for 2 kilometres and so on and so on. No need to sprint the whole time but instead run at slow pace. After some time you can start running at higher pace. You will see that you will be filled with energy after each run.

If you will are studying for many hours you should take a break. Instead of watching TV or playing games on computer go outside and run. You will refill your lungs with fresh air, clear your head and, most importantly, you will be ready for more studying. There is no better way of refilling your body and brain with energy than running in nature (if you have the luxury of running in nature). And beside all you will keep your body fit. Being fit means less health problems and a higher quality of life.
Do sports always!!

Virtualised classrooms are the next evolution step in education

Traditional education is very old and is based on learning from books and listening to and communicating with the teacher or professor in a classroom (or other convenient place).

Traditional education is thousands and thousands of years old. For many years these methods did not changed a bit. 20th century changed everything.

Learning has become more interactive with the invention of personal computers. Distance learning became increasingly popular in the early nineties when Internet was invented. At first, communication was based on e-mails but it was soon replaced with the use of instant messaging applications (such as mIRC).

The next evolution step in education was the use of virtualised classrooms. Virtual classrooms are very practical as students and professors are unaffected by physical location and can collaborate at any time. Virtual classrooms are still popular today and there are many companies offering this service.

One of these companies is Affective.ly which offers virtual worlds for education and training. It offers services for teachers, companies and schools and has been around for some time.

Virtual learning environment offer companies a complete freedom to prepare and carry out trainings for their employees no matter where they are located. All that is needed is a high speed Internet uplink. Such education or training has many positive benefits, one of the biggest pluses being the reduction in travel costs which can have a big impact on company’s finances.

It is usually much cheaper to collaborate using a third-party service on-line than to pay travel costs for several employees to travel across the World just to have a 3 days education session.

Individual teachers and professors can also benefit from this service as they can gather all their students in one virtual place or location where they all can communicate in real time in contrast to e-mail for example where communication is always delayed.

Virtual classroom is also very convenient for learning foreign language.

How to make use of Affective virtual learning environment? All you need is a personal computer, a high speed Internet connection, an application you can download from the mentioned website and a headset with microphone for communication purposes.

Food for the brain

Best food for the brain

This article describes what food is best for the brain and what food is best for studying. Good food for the brain is important and very beneficial.

Food is very important to our brain. For the brain to function properly you will need to supply different nutrients, which all must be of good quality of course. This food is specified as food for the brain. That way you brain will receive all the ingredients it needs to perform normally. The most important food for the brain is protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and of course water. Read on about best brain food for exams.

You need to consume a lot of water

Food for the brainWater in the body acts as a transport system which supplies nutrients to the brain and also helps to dispose bad substances from your body. If you are dehydrated you may start to lose concentration, and that surely isn’t good when you are studying or when you are at work. So, the advice here is to drink a lot of water. The indication how much water you can drink in one day is your urine. If you drink enough water your urine will be in light yellow color. If you don’t drink enough water than your urine will be dark yellow.

The best water for your brain would be the so-called “ionized water”. What is ionized water? Ionized water is simply water that has mineral ions in it. Minerals are found in all natural water sources on Planet Earth, and all water found in nature is ionized to some degree. Why is ionized water good for you? The minerals found in ionized water are beneficial and necessary for your good health. You can ionize water with a water ionizer, a machine that simply concentrates those minerals in your drinking water for you, and puts a negative electrical charge on the minerals. In other words – such water is really clean and contains no bad chemicals or ingredients.

Also, you must be aware that nearly three fourths of your brain is water so in order for your brain to function properly make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water per day and every day.

Most important food for the brain

The most important food for your brain are of course proteins. Proteins are what builds your muscle, organs, nerves, heart and of course – the brain. Proteins are ideal food for your brain. Without consuming enough proteins you will not be able to enhance your brain productivity. Protein-rich food is:

  • All kinds of meat,
  • fish meat,
  • milk, cheese and all diary products,
  • grains,
  • tofu and beans.
  • The importance of carbohydrates, fat and fruits

    While digesting carbohydrates are transformed into sugar (glucoze), which is the main source of energy for the brain. If glucose level is constantly fluctuating, you may experience mental confusion, dizziness, convulsions and even unconsciousness. Most carbohydrates are found in cereal grains, fruits and vegetables. There is one more important factor when it comes to healthy food – fat. When people think of fat the always believe that fat is bad for the body. But this is not true. Fat is very beneficial to the body!

    The importance of the two polyunsaturated fats, omega-6 and omega-3 (EFA) just can’t be overlooked. There is evidence that both types of omega 3 fat may influence the increase in brain size and the number of brain cells, improve vision and help in learning. This kind of fat can be found in fish meat (salmon, tuna fish), mackerel, sardines, nuts and seeds. The importance of fruits and nuts for the body is really high. Fruits contain a lot of water, vitamins and minerals, especially nuts and good oils. It is very important if you want to increase your concentration and learn more to consume such food.

    There was an interesting study, made by a university in Germany. Different students were given different kind of food for lunch. Studies have shown that students who had only candy (mostly sugar) for lunch performed poorly on tests of memory and concentration (barely the results of 70-year-olds). Another group of students ate a high protein lunch. They performed the best on the same test.
    Also, students who have had sandwich with beans for lunch has very good results too. The study also showed that breakfasts are very important – breakfast should consists sufficient amount of glucose so that the body and the brain can operate normally.
    An interesting tip: Eating strawberries and blueberries will improve your coordination, concentration and short-term memory.
    Raisins: If you suffer from hypertension, have raisins stirred into your morning cereals. Combine raisins with nuts. For best results, eat a handful of raisins three times a day to lower your blood pressure levels.
    Eat more fiber. Fiber cleanses your system and soluble fiber (see below) helps control your blood sugar levels. Most vegetables are high in fiber, especially those with leafy greens. Many fruits, nuts, and legumes are also rich in fiber, as are whole-wheat products.

    Your brain cannot function properly without vitamins and minerals

    What is good food for your brain? Vitamins and minerals are very important for the growth and functioning of the brain and body. To obtain all of the necessary minerals you need to eat different food which was already described above in food for brain section. Here are some important vitamins that you should consume:

  • Vitamin B; The brain particularly needs B complex vitamins, which are necessary to generate energy.
  • Vitamin A; you need a lot of vitamin A if you want to improve your memory. Vitamin A can be found in carrots, fish oil, spinach, leeks, butter, milk and egg yolk. Egg yolk contain a lot of cholesterol, so consume in moderation. Find out which are normal cholesterol levels in this article about cholesterol levels chart.
  • Vitamin C; you can find it in black and red currants, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, tomatoes, pomegranate, papaya and gvajava.
  • Vitamin E; that can be found in wheat germ, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, olive oil, turkey, asparagus, nuts, avocados and peas.
  • All this vitamins are also strong antioxidants.
    To supply the brain with the energy it needs you must provide a lot of magnesium and manganese and sodium. Try drinking sparkling waters – they usually have this minerals added. Potassium and calcium have an important role in communication between nerve cells and facilitating the transmission of messages. In order to reliably provide all the nutrients necessary for optimal brain function, many doctors recommends a multivitamin and mineral supplements.

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    Benefits of taking up ultrasound technology as career

    Ultrasound refers to those sound waves whose frequency is beyond the maximum limit of human perception of sound. It usually is about 20,000 Hertz.

    People who specialise in the field of ultra sound and its consequences, benefits, etc are called as ultrasound technicians. They need to have very sound knowledge in their field and must be excellent at effective social interaction and empathising with their patient’s condition. They undergo rigorous and comprehensive training before being called technocrats or technicians in the science of ultrasound.

    Most of the people refrain from even think of taking up ultra sound technology as a career, let alone considering it. This is because the field seems to be too unconventional to them and the career seems uncertain to most of them. While this is surely not true, there is more to it than just these bogus and premature claims.

    The biggest plus point of being an ultra sound technician is that one can get to harvest infinite self satisfaction as they are wholeheartedly involved in contributing constructively to their community’s health, prosperity and their well being.

    In addition to these, the ultra sound technician get to make use of several kinds of bulky and tangible rewards such as occupational stability (as already there is a dearth of ultra sound technologists) and the financial benefits to the ultra sound technicians.

    Besides these, job security is another vital advantage of taking up ultra sound science as a career and it has extremely high job security and safety and there is almost an absolute zero risk of being terminated in the middle. The ultrasound technician salary is quite high and currently as of mid 2014, this salary or remuneration to the ultra sound technologists is at an unprecedented height.

    This might appear to be something unconventional but yes this is the case. If you are wondering as to why this is the case then read on to know more: there are a number of straight forward reasons for the pay of ultra sound technicians to be at an all time high.

    First of all these is that the ultra sound technocrats are a stable appearance and feature at hospitals and at a number of private physician’s clinic and they can be completely relied up on. In addition to this there is always going to be an inevitable demand for the employees who have attained valuable experience with time and cases.

    Second of all, the average age of humans increases each day and this leads to a comparatively higher proportion of again population and as a consequence there is an increasing need to provide healthcare services including sonograms.

    As a consequence of this, the there is an ever increasing demand of health care staffs all over the world and especially pro technicians. As the ultra sound technicians satisfy these requirements, they benefit the most out of this and have an increased pay these days (making the most of the situation at hand).