Writing a CV again after a long time?

Then it is time for you to get to know the newest trends when it comes to writing a modern-like CV.

The CV you are sending to your potential employer will have to compete with others CVs – documents that are most probably graphically and content-wise very appealing. If you want the HR manager to even notice your CV, then you must write it in a way that will immediately grab the interest of the reader. Otherwise, your CV will not get noticed and will soon after being read roam to the bin. Your dreams of getting a good job will be shattered in an instant.

So, what should you consider before you starting composing a modern CV? Years and years ago job applications looked very formal, almost like some kinf of an official file. Today this is no longer the case. CV’s are much less formalized and it’s the modern technology that sets the limits to your creativity.

Many CVs today are written in eye-appealing colors, pictures and infographic are often used to represent dull data about yourself (for example where were you born, where did you go to school etc). An interesting headshot of yourself is important, too so the employer can see who is behind the letters. In fact, modern headshots are essential to your success!

Video CV’s are not that uncommon nowadays. In video CV the candidate presents him or herself to the employer with the help of a video clip. Some applications are real work of art. This is done with one purpose only – to overshadow the competition and thus increase the potential chances of getting a good job.

You can follow trends too and need no special technical knowledge to come up with an outstanding CV. There are many on-line companies that will offer you their service of composing a CV for you. And what’s best – most of these companies will not charge you a fortune for such service.

Remember – always try to think like an employer when trying to putting together a CV. Would you prefer a dull CV or would you prefer to see an interesting CV for which much creativity was needed and a lot of effort was put into?

Amsterdam, a popular student destination

Tourist attractions of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot to offer. When it comes to sights and attractions, be it older historic buildings or unusual museums (for example Hash Marihuana Museum), Amsterdam is the place to be!

I visited Amsterdam back in 2009 and it was a really great experience. I would love to go back one day.

Amsterdam is not very large by size. When exploring this marvelous city you soon find out that it has a really nice character and that you can never know what’s waiting for you around the corner.

It is also a city of tolerance and diversity. It has all the advantages of a big city: culture, entertainment, a variety of restaurants, good transport, but it is relatively small and therefore quite quiet.

It also has very little road traffic which surprised me – in a positive way of course. I love to travel around by bike and traffic is not my best friend.

Museums are the main attraction for tourists. Lots of people have probably heard of the famous Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, even though the whole city is one big open-air museum. Therefore, if you are planning on paying a visit to Amsterdam, I strongly recommend that you explore the city on foot or by bicycle.

Do not be lazy – walk and bike! You will thank me later.

City center, which is the main “meeting place” for tourists is called the Old Town. You should definitely pay a visit to Old Town.

Are you going to stay in the city for few days or more?

Amsterdam can be a very busy and crowdy place, especially during weekends. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam in April, June or September it is advisable to book your stay in advance.

If you are planning on moving to Amsterdam for a longer period of time than I suggest you take a look at this e-book on renting rooms in Amsterdam. You might find it very useful – as I did.

Academid Essay Service to the Rescue

School is starting up again. This means that a lot of students will be experiencing the world of college for the first time in their lives. While this can be exciting it can also lead to some trouble. Trying to balance new found responsibilities, friends, work, and school is a difficult task.

Additionally, there are all kinds of factors that take time adjusting to. Issues like homesickness and culture shock can really bit into to an individual’s schoolwork and grades.

Fortunately there is help. Academic Essay Composers is a professional service that prides itself in making school easier. They can assist with any papers or assignments that students might struggle with. There is no job too big or too small for them to handle. On top of this, they always put the customer first.

Client questions are listened to and their needs are always met.

Academic Essay Composers has a great track record and plenty of experience. All of the work is done by trained professionals within the United States and customers know exactly who they are working with at all times. Anyone interested in finding out more or seeing work samples should be sure to contact them. The staff is always willing to help and makes sure to respond to messages within 24 hours.

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Online Education Courses: How They are Changing The Way People Pursue Higher Education

Ever since the IT boom, exchange of information has never been faster. People are giving and accepting data like before. One of the several sectors which have benefitted due to this ongoing computer age is education.

Conventional education is sufficient to have you hired, get a decent job perhaps.
But more often than not is the case that in pursuing what’s seems to be popular career choice, the interests and desires of what we truly wish to do are left out. Not anymore.

Online education has been gaining widespread acceptance during the last several years. The imparting of knowledge is generally via slides, text and audio. Content for learning a subject comprehensively is rather scattered and not consistent. People may refer to YouTube for one topic, some random blog for another.

This often results in people not being devoted to the subject, having them left at times uninterested in subjects they could’ve excelled. A solution to this would be to have a comprehensive collection of all related subject matter compiled and presented together at one central place. That is exactly how Online Education Courses have been helping people learn new disciplines.

Generally Online Education Centers offer pre-recorded videos related to some subject or a group of subjects that are related. They usually comprise conventional courses as guidance for academia for students of schools and colleges spanning across different streams. However, these courses have today evolved to become much more comprehensive, user-friendly and convenient.

They cover an even broader spectrum of skills.

They’re no longer limited to pre-recorded media, but often include online broadcasting of lectures that have students do video conferencing with the professor conducting the class. This enables interaction unlike ever before. Headphones and microphones allow voice transmission for solving doubts immediately.

The aforementioned broader spectrum has been a boon for several hobbyists who could not allocate sufficient time to pursue their interests. Courses available online today include Photography, Human Resource, Event management and the list goes on to include Wedding planning as well. Most of these are available on separate websites, but they are thorough in quality and in imparting knowledge.

People across the globe can access education that was otherwise not accessible to them.
Due to this, new avenues open up for venturing into unknown places. We develop skill sets that we otherwise took for granted, simply because they weren’t important enough to devote time to. Because of the flexibility offered by such online services, it becomes possible to impart time to such interests.

Interaction with teachers is possible during allotted timing to individual students, and it can be in the form of Skype meetings, voice calls and even IM chats. This ensures that personal attention is provided to all students and growth of one and all is duly noted. Interaction is not just limited to the teacher. Online courses are available for training you to impart education as well.

Though done by a very limited number of online institutions, some online course websites conduct courses that certify individuals in Education Support. These certifications are nationally recognized and enable you to interact with a diverse set of students scattered across the globe.

Through online courses, lives can be changed by assisting students and helping them learn, and all this can be done on the go or within the secure walls of home. One of the most prolific websites that offer the best of both worlds, i.e. online courses and Education Support certification is Online Courses Australia.

The website comprises seemingly unending options for courses and myriad other career tools. Details for education courses online can be explored at http://www.onlinecoursesaustralia.edu.au/courses/education-courses.aspx.

Why you should take an IELTs course

There’s a wealth of courses available for those who want to learn English to further their career or to help with their education.

It can be quite overwhelming knowing which one will be most useful for you, and most useful for employers.

Without seeing job advertisements specifically listing a course, it’s almost impossible to know what’s being sought, and how to prove your skills.


Many courses are designed to help prove aptitude, rather than to teach the basics. These are available for those who already have a working knowledge of English, but don’t have the qualification to prove it.

If you’re looking to study at an English university, it’s necessary to achieve a certain level of IELTs. IELTs courses are designed to help students study for these notoriously tricky tests, so they’re able to prove their aptitude and their ability to study alongside native English speakers.

The IELTs are internationally recognised as a standard of achievement, but they are only really meaningful for those in the academic circuit. The language taught during IELTs courses is specifically targeted to the vocabulary which will be necessary for your studies.

They are recognised by all English universities

If you’re looking to study at an English university, you will need an IELTs course and you will need to pass the associated examinations. This is the only way you can prove that you will be able to keep up and not need extensive and ongoing support in order to succeed. In many courses you will have to write essays and work alongside native English speakers, and you will be marked as a group.

If your written or spoken language is lacking you could bring down the marks of your peers, which is why universities try and make sure there is a level playing field.

They will give you confidence to complete your course

Even if you have a good understanding of English, you might not have a high level of academic vocabulary, and it will be on this that your IELTs courses will focus. By bringing your language up to scratch, you will fit in and understand your course with ease. You’re getting more benefit from the course than simply fulfilling entry requirements then, and you’re actually getting a solid grounding for the course itself.

There’s no real reason you couldn’t study at an English university – as long as you have the qualifications which the institution asks for.