How to save some money and still have fun

Current economic situation is generally pretty bad, at least in most countries. It is even worse for financially weaker social groups – for example pensioners or students.

A money well spent is a money well spent, but sometimes a student needs to be more conservative and try to save some money for the future. So, how can you save money and not waste your young years? Here’s a few do’s and don’ts for you.

First of all, ask yourself why are you saving money? For a big Euro-trip? For a dream car? Buying an apartment? The next question would be – is it really worth it?

Going for the movies or drinks, buying new cloths every week, stop drinking coffee at bars etc is an easy thing to rule out. But would you really skip summer vacation or winter ski vacation to save some money? After all, you are young only once and every wasted year is a lost one.

My point here is to have priorities. Money is important, but not the most important thing in your life (if you have enough to eat every day).

So, if buying relatively expensive stuff is not an option any more, what is? Well, there’s plenty of options. You can buy second-hand stuff, buy things from your friends or purchase stuff from the Internet. offers some nice options for you. It works in a way that it compares prices from on-line top retailers sites and offers you the cheapest thing available. Everything from books to clothes to “you name it”.

At the end of the day there’s plenty of stuff that money cannot buy. Family, friends, pure happiness. Invest in these, too. Don’t just focus on the money all the way. Because when you are old, money suddenly loses value and all you have is memories. Make sure you’ll have good ones.

Preschools using the Montessori Curriculum

Pre-school education in kindergartens is carried out by public and / or private kindergartens. In most countries children at the age of at least 12 months are eligible to go to kindergarten, although pre-school education is not mandatory. Parents choose whether to send their children to kindergarten or not.

Results from PISA 2009 study couldn’t be clearer: in nearly all OECD countries, 15-year-olds who had attended pre-primary school performed better in reading than those who had not. And the benefits accrue to all students, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

The basic tasks of kindergartens are:
-assist parents in the overall care for children (parents have jobs that they need to attend to),
-improve the quality of life for families and children,
-create opportunities for the child’s personal development.

Public versus private kindergartens

Although public kindergartens are in no way a bad thing for your child these institutions usually lacks innovation when it comes to education methods and education as a whole.

The good thing is that they are cheaper than private kindergartens as usually the government will cover a certain percentage of your monthly fee (depending on how many children you have, what is you material status and so on).

Private kindergartens on the other side are usually quite a bit more expensive than public one’s. But there is added value to that. Professionals employed in such kindergartens will focus on your child and help him (or her) to spend their time most effectively. This is where private kindergartens excel!

A good example of such kindergarten is Montessori School, a small preschool and kindergarten located in Arizona. They focus on every children alone that is why they only accept 19 children at any time to be member of a class.

Their goal is to create and maintain an environment that is challenging and interesting at the same time to allow children to exercise their full potential.

Write your own thesis

Preparation of the thesis

The thesis is an original, independent and professional work of a student.

When writing a thesis students need to make use of their own obtained knowledge but also refer to and cite other authors when needed (for example summarizing the facts from work of others and using concepts and theories as well as cite and write other people’s thoughts in one’s own words).

It is important to notice that there are special rules and guidelines that needs to be followed when making use of and citing already published data. If these rules are not followed accordingly proposed thesis will be rejected and sometimes marked as plagiarized!

Avoid plagiarism!

In some cases research and writing for a thesis is based on specific data that is already published somewhere, or was already obtained using polls, research, analysis. When summarizing existing data this data needs to be re-classified, enriched, expanded and fortified with authors own opinion and therefore provide added-value.
Simply rewriting and republishing same data over and over again adds no special value to it and is considered plagiarism.

Not sure how to approach your thesis?

Follow the steps below if you are unsure how to properly approach and start working on your thesis.


  • Brainstorming – thesis title proposal,
  • examine and review the rules and instructions for writing a thesis,
  • once you pick a topic and title for your thesis check required and available resources on that specific topic (availability of possible literature and other resources – for example will you need a laboratory to do experiments to obtain raw data on which you will work on?),
  • consult with your appointed (or chosen) mentor(s) about the suitability of the proposed title and content.

Next steps

  • Disposition proposition in collaboration with your supervisor / mentor,
  • approval for disposition of the thesis,
  • obtaining confirmation for your thesis theme, disposition and selected / appointed mentor(s).

Writing and analysing

  • Start writing a thesis (chapters structure, mind mapping),
  • carry out research work (eg. poll, data analysis, possible laboratory work),
  • content writing and thorough data analysis,
  • cooperation with your supervisor / mentor (1st draft revision, 2nd draft revision …)
  • final data analysis, assumptions validation, writing conclusion and closure with a help of a supervisior / mentor),
  • writing a “thank you note”, writing a summary and key words in your own language and in one foreign language (usually it is English),
  • final review of your supervisor / mentor.

Last steps

  • Proofreading and correction of possible grammar mistakes,
  • thesis layout review / proper formatting,
  • and finally publishing your work!

After all these tasks are done you need to defend your thesis on a public hearing and present your work to public. Ceremony presentation of diplomas.

About plagiarism and unknowing plagiarism

Thesis / diploma is an original and unique work. Plagiarizing others work and publish it as your own is not considered unique and is also against the law. Plagiarizing is considered cheating as it is basically stealing someone else’s work and not cite them or give them credit.

What is considered plagiarism?

Make sure you are not doing any of the following:

  • Presenting work or assumptions of someone else as your own,
  • copying text or ideas of someone else without giving them credit or attribution,
  • not using quotes when citing someone or a statement,
  • incorrectly sourcing references,
  • copying thoughts, sentences or words and rewriting them as your own,

In some cases students might unknowingly plagiarize someone else’s work. For example preforming a research on a subject that was already researched and presenting very similar findings. While this is considered unique work (as it was done by a student alone and not copied) it might fail on plagiarism check.

In such cases this website I recently stumbled upon might come in handy. is a website offering a service for proofreading of your thesis and plagiarism check in order for you to avoid unintentional plagiarism. What they can do for you is to proofread your thesis (or any other professional work) and ensure that is grammatically correct. On top of that they can also check your work for possible plagiarism. Pay them a visit at

Hire A Professional Assignment Writer And Get All Your Assignments Completed On Time

College life is full of different activities. You feel that this is the time to live your life and enjoy. However, college is also the time when you need to put in a lot of effort into studies. Exams, submissions and presentations can take up your entire time leaving no time to enjoy.


There are times when you are so engrossed with all the other subjects that you just don’t have time or the concentration power to devote to one specific project or assignment.

Sometimes it can also happen that an important submission date just slipped from your mind and you are left with no time to finish your paper. This is when you need to seek the help of an assignment writer.

Assignment writers are professionals, who have vast knowledge about their subject and have experience is writing quality papers. They will focus on your paper only and will thus have a faster turnaround time than any other student, who is engrossed in so many different activities at the same time.

Why Do You Need An Assignment Writer?

Assignment writer have become a necessity in today’s education system. The workload on the students is humungous and it is always a good idea to enlist the help of professionals to achieve desired results.

Before selecting the specific assignment writer for your project, it is imperative that you do a little research. Always choose a reliable website for the job. Talk to friends and other students, who have already used these websites.

Sites like have always shown good results. Here you can find subject specific assignment writers and you can choose the subject you want.

Browse around before finally enlisting the services of a site. The idea is to save your time, so the site should have an easy application process. You should not have to waste too much time filling-up forms and giving instructions.

What does an assignment Writer Do For You?
• An assignment writer relieves you of the academic stress of a specific paper and gives you enough time to focus on all the subjects.
• Assignment writer will do the entire research work for you.
• An assignment writer can pick up your style of writing and make the paper look like you have written it.
• He ensures that the assignment will be as per your specification.
• An assignment writer will help cover up your week subjects and get you better grades in your submissions.
• The work will be original and there would be no issue of plagiarism.
• The assignment writer will also handle the entire formatting part of the paper as well, thereby saving you a lot of time.
• The assignment writers can also help you in selecting the best topic for research paper.
• An assignment writer can complete the work within hours so any last minute submissions can also be handed over to them

There is no harm in seeking the help of others to achieve success. After all, your future depends on these grades as well. By choosing to use an assignment writer, it shows how serious you are about your grades.

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Studying math on-line

Do you think that most of what you have learnt at math in school is useless? That might be the case for some, but for majority of people math is something they need ever day.

Maths is hard

The problem is that math requires a lot of studying and many of us were pretty lazy in primary school when everything else was more interesting than the math itself. The fact is also that not everyone likes math. I know I didn’t!

For some, math is a very difficult subject. These students need help with studying. Of course, studying mathematics is somewhat different than studying for other subjects. You cannot learn mathematics by heart – only mathematics rules can and must be learnt by heart. You need to utilize your logic in order to understand math problem and find a solution for it. Some people need more exercise to achieve this, some less.

Interactive learning vs classic learning

Classic learning by doing exercises and studying from books has always been and still is very effective. It is somehow boring though.

With the development of Internet and interactive learning, studying maths can now be more exciting and better yet – more effective. At they have developed a tool that does just that – makes studying math more interesting.

They offer over 150 free math lessons, interactive quizzes where you can challenge yourself and your skills as well as test preps for SAT, SHSAT and TACHS.

The best thing with this service is that you are able to track your progress over time and find out where your excel and what are your weak spots on which your should work on. A free trial offer is available for you to test out this tool and then sign up for premium membership if you are satisfied with the service. I suggest you pay a visit to the site and try it out yourself.